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The last quarter stockmarket slump hurt the less liquid stocks more than most. IPOs can be a risky game, and while some are great success stories some not so much. Here are the worst of of 2018; $GNPX $EVER $STG $ECOR $MNLO

Commodities in 2018 were hampered by the strong US dollar which rose from mid-April, a collapse in oil prices from early October and the ongoing U.S.-China trade war. The best performers were cocoa, wheat, oats and last years best palladium. The worst performers were Gasoline, WTI Crude, lumber and sugar.

The Nasdaq fell off the cliff as 2018 came to a close with the Nasdaq-100 ending down 3.9% for the year after being at record highs. The top stock was AMD Micro, up a massive 79% off but still off the 52 week high by 45%.

It is clear the collapse in oil prices has had unintended consequences. In Texas the Dallas Fed manufacturing index for December slid a massive 22.5 points to -5.1 from +17.6 in November. Texas buinesses are also being negatively impacted by the trade war.

Escapism is in vogue and Fortnite has changed the landscape. Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4, Microsoft XBox and PC games are all bringing us powerful gaming systems. Which games will keep us playing, here's my 5 Most Anticipated Video Games for 2019.

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