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Goldman Sachs raised their price forecast for gold and silver on Monday night in a note to customers. The $GS rationale is higher ETF inflows, Geopolitical risk, stronger emerging markets, weaker U.S. dollar and negative real interest rates in Europe.

Cloud enterprise software firm reported better than expected fourth quarter earnings after the market Monday. $CRM fell on the news however after what was seen as disappointing guidance.Salesforce saw growth from it's $6.5 billion acquisition of MuleSoft.

Auto and auto parts companies impact U.S. economic growth which is a debt led consumer economy. With spiralling auto debt it affects the whole finance pyramid. The U.S. auto industry helps drive industrial production, service and finance industries and insight into consumer trends.

Auto sales continued to fall in February as U.S. car makers sales continued to fall with the impact of servere weather, the trade war and threat of tariffs. Most SUV sales fell as auto loan rates pressure and gasoline prices stopped falling. Car earnings give us insight into consumer trends.

U.S. oil rigs in service fell 10 this week, with 7 coming off in the Permian as U.S.oil production hit another all time high of 12.10 million bpd. US Natural gas rigs were unchanged Oil rigs fell 4 in Canada and Canadian natural gas rigs rose 3 with the freezing  weather. 

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