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You cannot say British politics is boring, with Boris Johnson as PM we now get former Bucks Fizz singer Jay Aston Colquhounis standing for the Brexit Party at the next general election. Rather ironic for a No Deal given they won Eurovision.

President Trump said that Japan and the US have reached a trade agreement in principle at the G-7. The deal could be signed at the UN General Assembly and notably auto tariffs on japan will remain the same.

China roiled markets Friday as it retaliated with new tariffs on US products prior to the G7 and Jackson Hole economic summit. Clearly with intention to inflame the situation in front of world leaders. Electronics, including cellphones and semiconductors, is the biggest category of American imports into China.

The U.S took 16 oil rigs out of service as U.S.oil production was steady at 2300kbpd. US Natural gas rigs fell another 3. Canadian natural gas rigs rose 3, oil rigs fell 6

Swedish state energy entity Vattenfall opened Scandinavia’s biggest offshore wind farm this week off Denmark’s west coast in the North Sea. The facility has a capacity of 407 megawatts (MW)

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