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RSP Permian (RSPP) earnings were released Monday matching EPS estimates. RSPP is seen as a 'pure Permian play' with  'Silver Hill' in the oil-weighted area of the Delaware Basin portion of the Permian. Production for Q317 was comprised of 71% crude oil, 13% natural gas and 16% NGLs.

Online travel site Trip Advisor $TRIP reported worse than expected third quarter earnings Monday following its online travel competitor Priceline $PCLN lower after softer guidance. $TRIP sold off sharply after hours to be down 10%.

Online travel group Priceline reported better than expected third quarter earnings Monday with a sharp rise in overall bookings, in particular international operations. However $PCLN fell over 6% in after hours with softer guidance than expected.

Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed is widely seen to be stamping out traces of internal dissent before a formal transfer of power from his 81-year-old father King Salman.

West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil futures (WTI) Friday closed over a key previous weekly high over $55. WTI had been lagging behind Brent as shown in the BrentWTI spread widening.  After a series of break and retests where to now?

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