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Eurozone bank lending survey shows easing of credit to households and consumer credit, while lending conditions for businesses broadly unchanged.

A new report by Freddie Mac has found that the shortfall of affordable rental units has widened considerably over the past six years.

There was a time that midwest oil refineries were at the mercy of the cheaper crude from the American gulf coast, that has all changed with cheap crude flowing to them feeding record refining in the region.

Oil and gas servicing giant Halliburton $HAL reported better than expected Q317 results on Monday before the market. $HAL like Schlumberger $SLB has benefited from the American shale boom.

Spain's central government in Madrid on Saturday put forward plans to trigger Article 155 for direct rule in the Catalan region in North Eastern Spain. The independance referendum was  immediately dismissed by MAdrid nearly 3 week's ago.

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