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Natural gas futures were after higher than expected draw of  -29 Bcf in natural gas storage. Ahead we focus on cold weather and the coronavirus effect, LNG and Mexican exports and the winter outlook for the US.

Crude oil futures continue to collapse in the face of the oil price war  and Coronavirus fears crushing demand.. EIA reported a build in crude storage and smaller draws in gasoline and distillate. US production came slightky off the record high of 13.10 mbpd.

The Dallas Fed First Quarter Energy Survey released on March 25, 2020 asked what West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil price does your firm need to cover operating expenses for existing wells? The coronavirus and Saudi price war has crashed oil prices.

The Swiss National Bank in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic set up a refinancing facility and deactivated the counter-cyclical buffer for Swiss Banks Tuesday. The SNB announced new packages to attempt to protect the Swiss economy.

Oil prices have collapsed with Canada's key benchmark under $4, WTI under $20 and Russia under $9. Norway's Rystad Energy says the ‘largest oil supply surplus the world has seen will hit the global market from April.

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