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Fitch issued a note on Uruguay after the narrow victory of Luis Lacalle Pou of the center-right National Party after 15 years of rule by the center-left Frente Amplio. Pou faces the challenge of reducing a large fiscal deficit in the face of low growth.

Fitch Ratings is out with a note lowering its outlook on Japanese insurers. They lowered their rating to stable from positive. See biggest risks for Japanese insurers will continue to stem from financial markets in 2020.

The October trade balance shows a much smaller surplus than expected with exports falling more than expected as did imports. Another example of the global trade situation hurting with the ongoing trade wars and macroeconomic deteoriation around the world. Exports to US down 11.4% y/y

Chinese firm Canaan Inc., a maker of Bitcoin mining machines continues to face headwinds for it's New York IPO. Already slashed from expectations of $400 million to $100 million it lost it's lead underwriter Credit Suisse.

SNB Governing Board Member Andrea Maechler said on Thursday the Swiss central bank is willing to intervene in FX market as necessary. The Swiss franc has been rallying against the euro on safe-haven concerns.

Spain is holding it's fourth parliamentary election in four years and two in six month in an attempt to break a political stalemate. However Spanish voters are likely to return an an even more fragmented parliament.

The Premiere of Ontario wasn't seen on the campaign trail during Canada's Federal election that seen Justin Trudeau re-elected.

Protesters and police continue to clash with no end in sight in Hong Kong. Protests turned violent over the weekend as the city braces for worse heading into China's National Day this week. Riot police fired multiple volleys of tear gas while demonstrators hurled Molotov cocktails.

While the US media focuses on the Trump impachment over discussions he had with the Ukranian President over in Russia 20,000 protestors in Moscow demanded political prisoners be released. This was the first mass event agreed upon with the authorities after the general elections.

You cannot say British politics is boring, with Boris Johnson as PM we now get former Bucks Fizz singer Jay Aston Colquhounis standing for the Brexit Party at the next general election. Rather ironic for a No Deal given they won Eurovision.

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