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U.S. President Trump speaking after meeting with French President Macron made comments that could prove devisive to the EU, France and America. He stated "Trade with France is complicated as EU has trade barriers that are unacceptable"

 Trump Macron

President Donald Trump spoke alongside French President Emmanuel Macron at a joint press conference at the White House Tuesday. This came on the second of Macron's three-day tour, his first official state visit to the U.S.  Both men and their wives dined at Mount Vernon, George Washington's historic estate, on Monday evening. Macron is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress on Wednesday.

Highlights of Macron-Trump Meeting

On France

  • Trump stated Trade with France is complicated because of the EU, which has trade barriers that are unacceptable
  • After talks with Macron, Trump believes that have solutions to a number of issues
  • Trump would prefer to deal directly with France on trade

On Iran

  • Trump says had substantial talks on Iran with Macron
  • Both countries looking forward to doing something that has to be done strongly
  • Trump and Macron could have an agreement soon on Iran.
  • Trump calls Iran deal insane
  • Trump Warns Iran will have bigger problems of restarts nuclear program

On China

  • US is a very good chance of deal with China Treasury Secretary Mnuchin going to China in a few days to negotiate on trade


  • NAFTA talks going nicely

On North Korea

  • Trump says will have a meeting with North Korean leader very soon
  • North Korea wants it as soon as possible North Korea leader has been very open and very honorable
  • Trump says had substantial talks on Iran with Macron,

Source: Reuters; ForexLive

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