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European Central Bank policymaker and President of the National Bank of Austria Ewald Nowotny continued with his theme of accusing the U.S. of intenionally influencing the U.S. dollar lower.

ECB Nowotny

In an interview on Sunday February 11 with Austrian broadcaster ORF he said the ECB are certainly concerned about attempts by the United States to politically influence the exchange rate.

These assertions follow in an interview with the Wiener Zeitung newspaper that was carried out on Feb. 1.:

“The U.S. Finance Ministry is deliberately pressuring the dollar and wants to keep it low,” Nowotny said,

Back then he said the European Union should team together more to serve as a counterweight to the U.S. administration of  President Donald Trump. This was clearly a shot across the bow of Britain’s planned secession from the bloc.

HE said there was a theme of economic discussions in Davos, where the ECB addressed this. He said "it will certainly be a theme at the upcoming G20 summit"

Seperately he said Eurozone still has room to move higher and that the ECB is still on the careful side  Nowotny said in the foreseeable future there will be a need for the ECB to raise interest rates

Ewald Nowotny is an Austrian economist and social democratic politician.

Source: Reuters

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