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It has been a wild few weeks for Crypto currencies, coming to a crescendo and crash on Friday. Coinbase began having interruptions with the collapse of Bitcoin and made an announcement 11:11 a.m. ET that "all buys and sells have been temporarily disabled."

coinbase status

This follows the CME 20% circuit breaker being hit on it’s Bitcoin futures platform. Meaning Bitcoin futures are shut until after Christmas. They will not repon until December 26, known as Boxing Day in many countries. Brining a new meaning to 'boxed in'  Appropriate this time?

The past few weeks have seen hysteria build up to a crescendo with the CME Futures seeing an all time high over $20,000 Sunday with it’s bitcoin futures spot futures open. From there bitcoin briefly crashed to $10,400 on some platforms, down 44 percent from that record high hit Sunday. On Thursday Coinbase had temporarily disabled buys and sells at 5:57 p.m. ET, according to its status website. That issue was resolved within 15 minutes.

Bitcoin saw heavy selling around the globe as fast money exited and predatory shorts attacked the separate markets.The App is one of the most popular overall applications in the Apple App store. The app is considered the principle way in America to buy and sell major digital currencies bitcoin, ethereum and itecoin. The company added trading for bitcoin's offshoot bitcoin cash this week which gave us the first sign of trouble at coinbase.

During high volume times Coinbase has been broken before back on Dec. 12, the company temporarily suspended buys and sells of Ethereum twice in one day. From those lows Bitcoin has bounced around 2,000. If you trade Bitcoin and crew you may want to thumb through your “Madness of Crowds” Book over Christmas.

Source CME, CNBC

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