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German chancellor Angela Merkel was out today saying "Europe needs a strong Germany, it is desirable to get a government in place quickly" . Germany still has not formed a government since she won the election but short of a majority.

Merkel Control

Merkel had governed as part of coaltion in previous governments but has been unsuccessful in forming one this time.

German president Steinmeier has called for talks between the CDU/CSU/SPD leaders next week as this election saga drags on. Merkel has also said she is prepared to govern as a minority government. The currency markets have factored in the German status quo to remain with the Euro US dollar $EURUSD exchange rate closing the week over 1.1900. The Dax also remains unphased but how much of that is the result of the world wide splurge on stocks with the S&P 500 closing over 2600 for the first time Friday.

Centre-left party the Social Democrats (SPD) reversed an earlier decision that it was out of coaltion talks and said they would  talk to Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU). Merkel has taken the break down of talks as disrepectful and said ny talks should be based on mutual respect.

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