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The first half of the year saw a rush of cross border credit to China while cross border credit to advanced economies and most emerging markets fell, the largest falls were to  borrowers in Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Brazil and Poland the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) said. Couple this with the depth in Shadow Banking in China that has alarmed the World Bank you get a picture of the enormity.of China debt.

Emerging Market Lending

The Shifting Sands of Cross Border Debt in Q2 2017

Advanced economies fell by $178 billion 

Emerging market economies (EMEs) rose by $69 billion BUT that  with $78 billion to China it has fallen in the EMEs. The largest contractions:arily Chinese Taipei (-$16 billion), Brazil (-$13 billion) and Poland (-$5 billion).

Lending to China


Source: BIS international banking statistics at end-June 2017 October 2017

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