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There has been much back and forth on a Turkey - US visa crisis, coming just weeks after the Kurdistan vote. Turkish Deputy PM Simsek speaking in Washington says its all overblown. What grabbed my attention was Turkey's 10% inflation on a Fed minutes day. We have had a slew of Fed Governors out today pining about 2% inflation. Be careful what you wish for.

turkey us relations

Highlights From Turkey Deputy PM Simsek

  • US-Turkey visa spat is "overblown" and expects it to be resolved soon
  • Turkey struggling to keep inflation under 10 percent
  • The investigations into the  US embassy and consular employees in turkey were "routine," not political
  • The Safety and security of US diplomats and employees in Turkey is "top priority"
  • Turkey is "not doing arbitrary arrests" and its judicial system is working

Source: Bloomberg

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