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The Moscow Exchange will begin trading 20 stocks from the S&P 500 Index on 24 August, 2020. Foreign stocks will be traded and settled in RUB within MOEX’s infrastructure.Top names include Apple, Boeing, Amazon NVidia, Microsoft and McDonalds

Moscow Exchange

The exchange said the list of stocks will be expanded to 50 names. The Exchange will add more new instruments in future subsequent to analysis of client demand as well as taking into account the regulatory framework for the instruments intended for non-qualified investors.

Foreign stocks will be traded and settled in RUB within MOEX’s robust infrastructure, offering the qualified central counterparty service (by CCP NCC) and record-keeping with the central securities depository (by National Settlement Depository). Dividends on stocks will be set in the currency of the issuer, i.e. in USD for U.S. securities.

20 Stocks To Be Listed in Moscow

  • # Name ISIN
  • 1 Apple Inc. US0378331005
  • 2 THE BOEING COMPANY US0970231058
  • 3, Inc. US0231351067
  • 4 NVIDIA Corporation US67066G1040
  • 5 Facebook, Inc. US30303M1027
  • 6 Microsoft Corporation US5949181045
  • 7 McDonald's Corporation US5801351017
  • 8 Visa Inc. US92826C8394
  • 9 Twitter, Inc. US90184L1026
  • 10 Intel Corporation US4581401001
  • 11 Alphabet Inc. Class C US02079K1079
  • 12 AT&T INC. US00206R1023
  • 13 Exxon Mobil Corporation US30231G1022
  • 14 Pfizer Inc. US7170811035
  • 15 The Walt Disney Company US2546871060
  • 16 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. US0079031078
  • 17 Netflix, Inc. US64110L1061
  • 18 Micron Technology, Inc. US5951121038
  • 19 Mastercard Incorporated class A US57636Q1040
  • 20 Activision Blizzard, Inc. US00507V1098

Igor Marich, Moscow Exchange Executive Board Member and Managing Director for Sales and Business Development, commented:

"We strive to offer the widest range of services and instruments to our clients and we are continually growing our product line. MOEX has already launched trading in non-Russian securities in the form of ETFs and global derivatives products. Now it is time for foreign stocks; we are beginning with the most liquid shares of the biggest issuers and will add more stocks based on demand from clients. Trading and settlement will be conducted in RUB to allow investors to avoid excess transactions and costs and see their bottom lines directly in their local currency".

While preparing to trade foreign stocks, individual investors may submit Form W-8 to report income from U.S. securities sales.

Source: MOEX

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