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The October trade balance shows a much smaller surplus than expected with exports falling more than expected as did imports. Another example of the global trade situation hurting with the ongoing trade wars and macroeconomic deteoriation around the world. Exports to US down 11.4% y/y

Japan Exports

Exports and Imports both declined y/y the biggest fall in 3 years

Japan October Trade balance: 17.3bn yen expected Y 229.3bn, prior Y -124.8bn, 


  • Compared with a JPY 124.8 billion deficit in the same month a year
  • Trade balance (adjusted) -34.7bn yen: expected Y +248.1bn, prior Y -97.2bn

Exports -9.2% y/y: expected -7.5%, prior +5.2%


  • Imports -14.8% y/y: expected -15.2%, prior  -1.5%

Exports Collapse per region:

  • To US down 11.4% y/y
  • To China down 10.3% y/y
  • To the EU down 8.4% y/y
  • To Asia down 11.2% y/y


From Traders Community News Desk

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