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The Premiere of Ontario, Doug Ford wasn't seen on the campaign trail during Canada's Federal election that seen Justin Trudeau re-elected.

Was this a calculated risk Progressive Conservative Andrew Scheer took to distance himself from Ford's policies or a failure for the Premier to explain how those policies best serve the people?


Doug Ford became the Premier of Ontario in the 2018 provincial election with a majority after the Liberal party which held power since 2003, lead by Kathleen Wynne tabled a $6.7 billion dollar deficit budget.

Vote Compass n=24,623
Ontario respondents Oct 11-15

"Have Doug Ford's policies in Ontario made you more or less likely to consider voting for the Conservative Party of Canada in the upcoming federal election?"

51% said they were much less likely to support the Conservatives.

If Kathleen Wynne had won re-election as Premier of Ontario, Justin Trudeau would have lost the re-election of Prime Minister of Canada as voters would have been salty towards the Liberal party in Ontario and balanced the power at the Federal level.

The Liberal party of Ontario held power from 2003 and lost in 2018.
The Conservative party of Canada held power from 2006 to 2015.

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