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While the US media focuses on the Trump impachment over discussions he had with the Ukranian President over in Russia 20,000 protestors in Moscow demanded political prisoners be released. This was the first mass event agreed upon with the authorities after the general elections.

Moscow rally

The elections were three weeks ago and yes it is a little incongruent that the protests must be agreed upon by those you are protesting. Radio Liberty reported that the pposition has been urged to protest against political repression and demand the government to stop the campaign of raids and arrests directed against their opponents.

Protests in Moscow back in July turned violent afterer officials refused to allow a dozen independent and opposition candidates to run for the Moscow city legislature in the Sept. 8 vote. Rallies drew crowds of up to 60,000 at a time, the largest show of discontent against President Vladimir Putin's rule in seven years.

Russian police violently dispersed some of the election protests that weren't sanctioned, detaining a total of more than 2,400 people. Most were quickly released, but more than a dozen were put into custody on charges of involvement in riots.

Demonstrators require the release of imprisoned and detained people arrested in the so-called "Moscow case" (a series of criminal matters, which were opened against protesters during the demonstrations in July-August 2019).

Ukraine's foreign ministry condemned the massive detention of protesters during the rally that took place in Moscow on July 27.

"Barbaric beating of its own citizens, multiple arrests and detentions, the use of artificial and discriminative pre-election filters supposed to let only the favorable candidates run during the election shows Russian government's failure to provide the integrity of democratic expression of will; it shows its fear of the real political competitiveness", reads the statement.

Source TASS, Reuters

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