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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada called an election for next month, on September 20. He has been emboldened by polls showing his Liberal Party with a large enough lead to retake a majority in parliament.

Chinese social-media service Weibo suspended some crypto-related accounts Sunday. Bitcoin and many other top cryptocurrencies declined on the move. $WB took similar action in 2019 when it suspended the accounts of exchange operator Binance Holdings and blockchain platform Tron.

Goldman Sachs issued a note Saturday after two CIO roundtable sessions earlier this week attended by 25 CIOs from various long-only and hedge funds. They said their most favorite long is Growth style but least favorite on Bitcoin. Suggesting institutional adoption ia a ways off.

Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard said on Monday "The Federal Reserve is stepping up its research and public engagement on a digital version of the U.S. dollar." Fed Chair Jerome Powell said last week the Fed will release a paper looking at how CBDCs could affect payments.

Standard and Poors rating agency affirmed that the US sovereign ratings remain 'AA+/A-1+' and the outlook remains stable. The US is thundering to increasingly massive debt levels since the global pandemic. The S&P says sovereign stability is based on strong American institutions, a diversified and resilient economy, extensive monetary policy flexibility

JPMorgan on Tuesday filed a note with the SEC launching a structured investment product linked to the performance of its “Cryptocurrency Exposure Basket” which tracks stocks of publicly traded companies with exposure to cryptocurrencies. The aim is enable exposure to crypto for it's clients.

Mexican business confidence improved to it's best level in seven months in October. Confidence grew as the peso improved, easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions and ahead of the US Presential elections, Mexico's largest trading partner.

Fitch Ratings on Monday in a note on the forthcoming U.S. election looked at the implications for policy. Two of the potential outcomes are most relevant for credit, a "status quo" result or Biden becoming President and Democrats winning Senate and Congress.

The Moscow Exchange will begin trading 20 stocks from the S&P 500 Index on 24 August, 2020. Foreign stocks will be traded and settled in RUB within MOEX’s infrastructure.Top names include Apple, Boeing, Amazon NVidia, Microsoft and McDonalds.

Rating agency Fitch reaffimed the United States of America at 'AAA' BUT with Outlook Negative Friday. This comes after in March it warned of high fiscal deficits and debt which were already rising even before coronavirus are starting to erode these credit strengths.

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