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With all the noise from Wall Street execs and their bonuses the landscape isn't looking so shiney for main street. We have had the stress of the biggest stock market point crash ever and now we see 30 year loans are at their highest since Jan 2014. no wonder applications 4.1%

Canada employment fell by 88,000 in January. The unemployment rate increased by 0.1 percentage points to 5.9%.

Moody's issued a report on the U.S Debt structure saying America's stable credit profile is likely to face downward pressure in the long-term due to "meaningful" fiscal deterioration and a widening Federal budget deficit. 

U.S. Stock Markets are at all time highs, tax reform has seen companies issue bonuses and pay rises.  January's Employment report comes with high expectations. After Yellen's last FOMC hourly earnings are the number that should dictate interest rates.

The Atlanta Fed GDPNow model forecast for real GDP growth in Q4 2017 rose to 5.4% on February 1, up from 4.2% on January 29 spurred by manufacturing ISM Report increased forecasts spending and real private fixed-investment growth.

With Australia's economy picking up and commodities soaring to some it is no surprise Australia is attracting more high net worth individuals (HNWI) as migrants than any other country. To others with the Manus island and Australia Day controversies this may surprise.

The Estonian and Swedish governments are both planning to publish a brochures to help prepare residents and households in the event of major crisis or a war. Both countries are critical to free passage for the Baltic Sea and historically have endured threats from Russia.

Australia saw much stronger than expected jobs growth in December 2017. However the unemployment rate edged up to 5.5% with jump in participation, suggesting unexpected spare capacity in the labor market.

Should the U.S. government move to disband the NAFTA the affect on Canadian rail giants Canadian Pacific $CP and Canadian National Railways $CN the affect will be immediate.

Retail Sales in November were at their most brisk in five years fueled by Black Friday sales and the launch of the new Apple iPhone8 and iPhoneX. The surge in full time jobs and consumer confidence proved a boon for Apple.

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