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With tariffs and trade wars now dinner conversation the US April trade deficit has been a hot topic. In April the US had a $46.2 billion deficit lower than the $49.0 billion expected and previous $50.0 billion. The deficit with China rose over $2 billion.

China as percentage of US trade


  • Exports +0.3% vs +2.2% prior
  • Imports -0.2% vs -1.4% prior
  • Goods deficit $68.27 billion
  • Services surplus -$22.07 billion
  • US China deficit $27.96 billion versus $25.88 billion in March
  • US-OPEC deficit $3.24 billion vs $768B prior
  • Jan-April deficit $201.8B vs $181.0B a year ago

From The Traders Community News Desk

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