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Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin speaking before the House appropriations committee said that if NAFTA negotiations are successful the steel tarriffs will not apply to Canada or Mexico. This is largely in line with what President Trump said yesterday.

mnuchin pointing

Mnuchin said "As the President just announced, Canada is very significant partner that buys steel and sells steel. To the extent that we're successful in renegotiating NAFTA, those tariffs won't apply to Mexico or Canada "

He added "We are not looking to get into trade wars, we are looking to make sure US companies can compete fairly around the world. "

While that is along the lines of Trump yesterday the tariffs maybe coming before NAFTA dealing is complete. What will be key in Trump's tariff announcement will be what happens prior to a deal, do they say this is pending a NAFTA agreement or say in the meantime its on for everyone.

There are a few theories on this, one that is never mentioned is that the bold tarriff statements were announced just prior to primaries and make a statement that hey this is what I was promised. Then House leader Ryan says its terrible I don't agree, now its needs some thinking and smoothing over.

In other words there is a bit for everyone should the deal go through or not as far as electioneering goes, is it just a ruze? We will see in coming weeks and months. It all seems a little convenient to fit in with the nutty professor running the country argument for mine.

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