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Apparently Russian President Vladimir Putin has not decided he will run for re-election in March 2018. For a guy who hasn't relinguished any power since he headed the KGB this seems doubtful.  Also today Senate Intelligence Committee head Burr said "Can certifiably say no vote totals were affected as a result of Russia"

"Not only have I not decided yet who I will stand against, I have not decided whether I will run at all," Putin said on Wednesday in response to a question on who he would run against at the election. He was speaking at an energy forum in Moscow.

Putin Laugh

Putin said presidential hopefuls would have to announce their decision to run in late November or early December.

The inevitable Donald Trump responses from Putin were that ties with the U.S. President's administration were not without problems, but he hoped mutual interests of Russia and the United States in fighting terrorism would help improve the relationship. He said  "Some forces are making use of Russian-American relations to resolve internal political problems in the United States." Putin said.

On Wednesday Senate Intelligence Committee Head Burr also commented on the investigation into Russia and interference in the U.S. eleections. 

Highlights From Senate Intelligence Committee Head Burr

  • Intelligence panel has not determined that Russia sought to boost Trump in 2016 election.
  • Every Trump campaign official asked to meet w/ intelligence investigators has agreed to do so.
  • Hopes to finish election probe in 2017
  • Can certifiably say no vote totals were affected as a result of Russia
  • Continues to examine evidence to determine whether there was collusion between Trump campaign and Moscow
  • Wil interview 25 more people in October on Russia investigation
  • Over 100 interviews have been done overall
  • Questions of former FBI Director Comey's firing better left to special counsel, Justice Dept.
  • Will not release Facebook ads, subject matter of Facebook ads was to create as much chaos in US s possible for every group they could identify
  • The issue of collusion is still open.

No doubt Tsar Putin has a close eye on what is coming out in the enquiry

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