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Australian cotton exports increased significantly in 2016/17 largely due to an expansion in the area of cotton planted leading to increased production Rural Bank's 2016/17 Australian Agriculture Trade Performance report showed.

Strong demand from China for Australian wool  in 2016/17 saw higher exports with higher prices Rural Bank's 2016/17 Australian Agriculture Trade Performance report showed. 

The destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria has seen a slew of commodities prices go skyward. The most noted are lumber and gasoline. Perhaps the most poignant as we watch recocery as the mountains of sheetrock we see on curbs. The key commodity here is gypsum with its a price determined by a handful of players.

Lumber futures are at 12 year highs after Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Prices have been rallying since the housing crash of 2008 and earlier this year the U.S. administration imposed tariffs on plywood coming from China and lumber coming from Canada. Wildfires across Canada and the western U.S. also pushed prices higher pre hurricanes.

Corn and Sobean Futures were crushed over 5% after the USDA realised higher than expected production and yields Tuesday. Both contracts were sitting vulnerable after triple tops and trading under the Ichimoku clouds.

Diamonds last forever but diamond exporters and manufacturers still have to pay the bills.

Copper prices continued higher Monday to its highest close since November 2014. Industrial metals have been on a tear with Zinc hitting a 10 year high last week. The Chinese demand and supply equation continues to buoy base metals.

Over the past few weeks we have seen aggressive buying and new highs in the metals, in particular base metals Zinc, Lead and Nickel. The bringing forward of China's Xiongan New Area.

Base industrial metals drew a breath after the manic buying that saw zinc to the highest level in almost 10 years, we also saw lead and nickle joining in. Iron ore and rebar led the surge a few weeks ago buoying the Australian dollar and stocks.

Australian mining giant BHP Billiton $BHP announced it's iron ore production report and forward guidance Wednesday. $BHP produced 231 million tonnes in the year to June 30.

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