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Australian cotton exports increased signi´Čücantly in 2016/17 largely due to an expansion in the area of cotton planted leading to increased production Rural Bank's 2016/17 Australian Agriculture Trade Performance report showed.

Australia Cotton Exports

Australia Cotton Export Highlights

  • China imported 26% less cotton in 2016/17 as it works through existing stockpiles. This saw the share of exports to China fell from 50% to 26% in 2016/17, China however expressed strong demand for Australian wool
  • India bought more Australian cotton, increasing its intake by 569 per cent
  • Bangladesh picked up the excess with increases in volume of 270 percent.

Australian cotton production is expected to increase slightly  in 2017/18, leading to further growth in exports which will also be supported by slightly higher global prices.

Rural Bank said Australia's agricultural exports rose by $3.9 billion to almost $50 billion in the last financial year, mainly because of a bumper year for grain and fibre. Cotton production in Australia is expected to lift slightly in 2017/18, further boosting exports.


From The Traders Community Research Desk

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