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Goldman Sachs raised their price forecast for gold and silver on Monday night in a note to customers. The $GS rationale is higher ETF inflows, Geopolitical risk, stronger emerging markets, weaker U.S. dollar and negative real interest rates in Europe.

Gold and Silver

Goldman Sachs New Gold forecasts raised up by USD 25

  • 3 month 1350
  • 6 month 1400
  • 12 month 1450

Gold Daily 3 4 2019

Goldman Sachs New Silver forecasts raised up by US 25 cents

  • 3 month 16.50
  • 6 month 17.00
  • 12 month 17.50

Silver Daily 3 4 2019

Goldman Sachs Rationale

  • Low and falling US unemployment rate expected to keep late-cycle worries elevated which is supportive of ETF inflows
  • Low European growth with negative real rates likely to further boost European ETF purchases
  • Elevated geopolitical tensions
  • Lower pressure on emerging currencies should help keep central bank gold purchases at same level as 2018
  • Weaker US dollar
  • Acceleration in GDP growth are expected to boost emerging market U.S. dollar purchasing power and flow on gold demand

Source: Goldman Sachs

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