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Richmond Fed President Tom Barki peaking at Harvard on Thursday said that the US economy moving along at a very good pace with reduced trade uncertainty. However he is mulling if the US has necessary tools to weather a downturn.

Fed Barkin talk

Feds Barkin also said the reduce trade uncertainty to help investment recovery. While stock markets ignore the risks of the coronavirus the Fed is surveying impact of virus on the global supply chain.

The Fedral Reserve is focusing on prices and tools with rates near zero in review. With a nod towards Europe he added negative interest rates are not a proven success. Barkin sees value in higher figures in the inflation conversation with an inflation target range of 2-2.5% might be helpful.

President Barkin is taking part in a conversation with Megan Greene, a senior fellow at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government at the Harvard Kennedy School.

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