Global Bond Market Performance in 2022

Interest rates are indicative of credit worthiness and the supply and demand of credit. 2022 was a year of slowly rising rates at year end is ZIRP has been in effect for the past few years in many countries, before and after the COVID pandemic. We saw at year end Central Banks becoming more worried about the inflationary effects of too much easy money. The annual global bond performance tells us how all those factors affected fixed interest in the past year and should be read relative to currency performance for global balancing.

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Global Bonds 2022 Performance

Major Benchmark 10-year Bond markets

10 Year Bonds – Americas 2022 Performance

10 Year Bonds – Europe 2022 Performance

10 Year Bonds – Asia 2022 Performance

10 Year Bonds – Africa 2022 Performance

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Sources: TC, Trading Economics

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