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    [color=teal][b][size=5]JAN 4th — LOW = +7F and HIGH = 11F ….. and we are at 9F and falling & becoming even more windy …. as there is an arctic hurricane force exiting eastern VA …. no sign of deer for days — except tracks, as I believe they are smarter than me … and went SOUTH for the winter … but it ain’t no picnic in southern USA either 😉




    What a beast!

    local weather guy Anthony Farnell @AnthonyFarnell


    [b][size=5]When SUN goes for long streaks without SUNSPOTS – possibly extreme cold waves can occur? …SUN has more effect on weather — than mankind & the exhaust of our autos & factories … There have been mini Ice Ages even in recent centuries … If we go into a DEEP long-term solar minimum – it’s gonna be a rough year … Still, almost everything is cyclical & runs in patterns — as mother nature actually balances out things long term

    We are expected to go a few DEGREES BELOW ZERO “F” actual TEMPS tonight … hoping pipes hold up … I’ve been going into every room as conditions are optimal for finding DRAFTS and using towels, etc. to reduce cold air inflows & that is helpful tip old CL used to share with us :)[/size][/color][/b]



    I always find it fascinating when these cold temperatures hit the United States, specially the east coast

    while we do and will get sub 0’F temperatures, we don’t get them this early in the year.
    My location, specifically in Southern Ontario has one of the luckiest formations, the Great Lakes. Lake Erie is the first to freeze, which should reach 85-90% by Monday – the rest of the Great Lakes seldom freeze over. Due to Latent Heat of fusion (grade 9 physics) the body of water needs to lose its energy (heat) before freezing and since the water (specially Lake Superior) has waves, it disperses the heat transfer – thus making freezing of large bodies of water a difficult task.

    The lack of lake freezing is also why we get dumped on with feets of snow, due to “lake effect” as the clouds pick up the moisture through vaporization.

    In the picture above, that CautiousInvestor posted – you can see the Great Lakes to up and to the left. I do not advise swimming in it right now.


    Good morning … I’ve been super busy at both work & home … in survival mode as the TWO coldest days are on the way … by Monday the good news is some moderation in our area. I don’t think we have hit 20F in past week but once perhaps. Today is supposed to be worst of days with 30-40mph and we were near zero for a LOW (and those walks to woodpile and back are intense — but I’m in great physical shape — plus layered up like an Eskimo 8)


    [b][size=4]Image a LOG about 18″ tall and cut in a manner with chainsaw as homemade stool
    Last 2 weeks — I’ve spent a LOT of quality time sitting on it in front of fireplace 1-2 feet away – lol 🙂
    But just like fishing, the stirring the COALS is therapeutic & actually my favorite source of heat
    I’ve roasted kosher hot dogs on stick often, and now am briefly putting hands out there after visit to woodpile
    HEAT PUMPs are useless (and actually rely more on fireplace with dual blowers

    FARMERS ALMANAC was right on COLDER 2017-18 WINTER :cheer:
    I got way behind on wood & I could call to buy some, but don’t want my friends out in the outbreak
    The good news is we cycle back to 40-50F next week & counting my blessings on making it thru this one 8)


    stay safe CI, hope them pipes make it through the week

    let me see if I can invent a iRobot chopped wood machine to do deliver


    [color=teal][size=4][b]Good Saturday morning to all 🙂 Definitely the COLDEST day of all so far in the 2 week outbreak :ohmy:
    This is coldest of days as hit +0.3F this morning according to nearby weather stations on top of mtn. :woohoo:
    The good news is that we only have 2 more bitter cold days & we cycle back to “global warming” 😉 :lol:[/b][/size][/color]


    [size=5][b][color=teal]BRRRRR …. +1F was our low
    and we have doubled out TEMPs up on top of mtn
    As one who studies meteorology as well as meteors (lol),
    that is nothing compared to one of windest places on plant
    Mt Washington is fascinating & am member of their forums
    It is on my bucket list (but to visit in JUNE or JULY 8)

    They hit -36F REAL with100mph winds and -94F wind chill as documented below[/color]


    Mount Washington, the northeast’s highest peak, at a temperature of -37F (-38C) degrees, with the wind chill bringing it to -93F. The peak tied for second place with Armstrong, Ontario, as the coldest spot in the world on Saturday.


    [color=blue][b][size=5]We had about 4 days of great THAW as we went from 67F in Roanoke to 19F on top of mtn this morning with howling winds … Yesterday we have heavy T-Storms & RAIN and weather forecasters warned of a “flash freeze” effect and indeed both car doors were frozen like I’ve not seen in a while … but after pouring lukewarm water with towels to quickly dry off, I was able to open without damaging seal on both cars…. even front storm door & basement doors were frozen this morning … We in essence got the California rains that were devastating there ….

    We have literally went from Hawaii to Alaska in one day – TEMP-wise …

    beautiful snow flurries & am making best of it … NFL playoffs on the way 8)[/size][/b][/color]


    during that thaw, we had a water pipe break downtown
    then we got a freeze …its currently 0’F



    “Houston, we have a problem”

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