Winter Olympics 2018

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    METAL COUNTS thru FEB-15 … NOR=19, GER=15 CAN=13 USA=8


    [color=purple][i][size=5]Even though it’s natural to cheer for home country … My better half & I (plus the hound) are enjoying the Olympics … if someone is a super star in another country or gives a performance of lifetime — it amazes me. For example, I remember not too long ago when an ice skater (figure skating) landed the 1st QUAD … I wonder if anyone has done a QUIN yet (5X) as that could be coming in 2022 – lol ..

    And now they are routine, as the world’s best from Japan were 2 from Japan who did about 5 or 6 QUADs as if it normal … I am indeed amazed at the guy showered with “Winnie the Pooh” gifts (that get donated to needy kids) — and not only technical side … but having a love of arts, the music interpretations are awesome … Soaking up as much as possible — as It ends in a week or so 8)


    I hear ya. I changed over to Asian markets a week and half before Olympics started just so I could watch as much of the Olympics as possible. Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) does an excellent job of covering the Olympics. Highly recommend a VPN for summer as its geo blocked outside of Canada.

    Couple days ago, I had two events on the TV (going back and forth) while another event on the computer and another on the tablet.


    Canada is struggling at curling this year – which is kinda good news because it shows there is more interests in the sport world wide.

    Currently I am watching Men’s Hockey, Canada is playing South Korea, or is it Canada vs Canada?
    six Canadians playing hockey for South Korea at the Winter Olympics


    [color=teal][b]ICE Dancing was incredible & love the artistry, music, & precision … Canada won GOLD with 2 of best in history 8) … FRANCE was awesome in SILVER … USA won BRONZE with awesome brother/sister team … plus another USA pair came in 4th …. I was commenting to my bride that with a 1000% increase in hair & a flamboyant costume — I could become the next analyst like Johnny Weir …. NOT 😉 :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    Both USA & Canada hockey no longer allow the active players … so USA has a bunch of Yale Bulldogs & NHL retirees …Both USA teams have been clawing back some, but not sure of where this exactly stands 🙂

    USA team won for BEST MUSIC last night 8) 8)[/b][/color]


    Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir become the world’s most decorated figure skaters, with five Olympic medals.
    2010: Gold
    2014: Silver
    2018: Double Gold


    [color=red][b]WOW – USA women’s team of the one “true sport” got lucky last night in 6th shootout to break a 2-2 tie 🙂 .
    Watch out WALL STREET, I can see a certain Canadian “colluding” & creating a SELL-OFF today 😉 :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
    Still the great white north captured SILVER last night & the Candian men should win GOLD (USA is out I believe) 8)[/b][/color]


    wonder if Trump got help from Russia to win 😉


    uh Canada lost in hockey – again
    Men’;s team lost to Germany


    [b][color=purple]With active NHL players no longer participating — I did see more parity among nations
    Otherwise Canada or USA teams would always win (as NHL players make huge difference,
    NHL is truly best in world — verses the retired and the “Yale Bulldog” hockey concentration on USA team for example[/color][/b]


    will be the first time ever no country wins the Gold medal in Men’s Hockey
    as the Olympic Athletes from Russia …are not considered playing for the country of Russia


    Miracurl on Ice! Team USA Men defeats Sweden to win first curling gold medal.




    the Simpsons in a February 14, 2010 episode had America winning the Gold medal in curling vs Sweden

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