Who Blinks First, G7 Faceoff Between America and Rest

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    [color=purple][i][b]GOOD LOOKING GROUP IN G7 BELOW – lol 🙂

    while media painted “end of world disaster” — I thought it went much better than expected — and although I don’t agree with tariffs & some of side effects … Trump is on mission to eliminate trade imbalances where there is a high level of unfairness …

    But think “ART OF DEAL” 😉 8) [/b][/i][/color]


    What seems like some kind of deal isn’t:

    Donald Trump left the G7 in disarray after he pulled the US out of a previously agreed summit communique, blaming the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau whom he derided as “dishonest and weak”.

    The US had appeared to agree a form of words on contentious issues thanks to an all-night negotiating session by officials from all sides.

    But after leaving for Singapore, Trump tweeted personal attacks on Trudeau and said that he had told his representatives not to sign the summit communique, turning what had already been a tense meeting of the world’s leading industrialized democracies into a fiasco.

    “PM Justin Trudeau acted so meek and mild,” he tweeted. “Only to give a news conference after I left saying that ‘us tariffs were kind of insulting’ and ‘he will not be pushed around’.

    “Very dishonest and weak” he claimed, adding in a separate tweet: “I have instructed our US reps not to endorse the communique.”

    Here are the tweets:





    [b]The “real” Truth is likely somewhere between CNN & Drudge or InfoWars – lol … the media will report small negatives as major news and not report many of good things at all (seems like all reporting these days is to hurt #45 — even though he does battle a little too hard in the interest of getting things done (some mild bullying — but for good of nation) … and a tough “Patton-like” leader might be needed to make changes sometimes?

    Using tariffs as an “art of the deal” tool will hurt both sides. Most presidents have let things go or worsen with zero actions. At least #45 is trying better or for worse. And actually starting a trade war with USA will hurt other nations probably more so than us? but it still could hurt us … but many news reports I hear on radio & TV are so negative that I’m finding on most things — you can’t go by that to judge good or bad … and thus I do my homework reading multiple sources & hearing many opinions .. [/b]


    and to answer original question of post

    The USA did NOT blink 1st 😉 :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


    No he didn’t and fair to say Trudeau miscalculated with his snide remarks – the guys misunderstanding of reality is bewildering – I get he’s inexperienced but red flag to a bull isn’t smart – now you can say Trump should have bitten his tongue but he was out the door to see Kim – he couldn’t blink at anything.

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