What exactly is Letrozole 5 mg?


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    Letrozole 5mg is a medicine that is commonly recommended to postmenopausal women to treat specific forms of breast cancer. The medicine works by reducing estrogen levels in the body, which can impede or stop the growth of breast cancer cells that rely on estrogen to proliferate.

    How Is It Used?
    The standard dosage for breast cancer treatment is one 5mg tablet taken daily. It is critical to adhere to the doctor’s recommendations regarding how and when to take this medication. Letrozole 5mg is a common reproductive medication that stimulates ovulation. Women may take it for 5 days, beginning on the third day of their menstrual cycle.

    Letrozole 5mg is a flexible medicine that can be used to treat breast cancer as well as fertility treatments, giving many women hope and efficient management.

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