What are the different kinds of gynecological services?

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    There are several types of gynecological services. Each of them aims to deal with a particular vaginal issue or cosmetic desire. Some of the most popular procedures are as follows:

    Vaginal Rejuvenation by Laser: a non-invasive procedure that uses controlled laser beams to improve the shape, size, and function of the vaginal area post-aging; provide relief from dryness; and increase sexual pleasure
    Perineorrhaphy: a surgical procedure that places sutures into the perineal muscles in hopes of repairing the perineal body, dealing with vaginal looseness post-childbirth, and increasing sexual satisfaction
    Vaginal Tightening by Radiofrequency: a simple treatment that uses radiofrequency heat to stimulate collagen production; restore vaginal tightness; and eliminate painful intercourse, bladder leakage, and dryness

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