WEATHER CENTER – Keep an eye on Tropics & Ontario skies

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    TROPICAL STORM EMILY surprises Tampa Bay & Florida this morning


    Thank you for the thread great one for oil and gas traders – and ags too 🙂

    I use weather underground a lot Weather undergound


    Emily downgraded to tropical depression, moves out over Atlantic


    SKIES are active on AUG 2nd in east … batton down the hatches


    weather channel had called for rain 3 days in a row here
    3 days in a row we have had clear skies


    [quote=”Assistanc3″ post=594]weather channel had called for rain 3 days in a row here
    3 days in a row we have had clear skies[/quote]

    Weather forecasters have a special skill..


    Economist and meteorologist can continuously be wrong and still have a job

    Helmholtz Watson

    [quote=”Assistanc3″ post=606]Economist and meteorologist can continuously be wrong and still have a job[/quote] Yes and the public always defends them – the weather is so hard etc – well some are better than others perhaps or if its hard – stop predicting it on TV. I heard it described as the ultimate fake news – fake forecasting perhaps.


    near or at hurricane intensity by the time it makes landfall in mainland Mexico


    [size=5][color=purple]^^^ FRANKLIN BECOMES THE FIRST HURRICANE OF THE 2017 ATLANTIC SEASON … CAT ONE as it re-strengthened over open waters …

    P.S. this is estimated to be a MORE ACTIVE year than normal — so we could see impacts in USA later in early fall … here’s hoping most stay out at sea[/color][/size]


    We are due for an active season ..NOAA issued the scheduled update for its 2017 hurricane season outlook. Forecasters are now predicting a higher likelihood of an above-normal season, and they increased the predicted number of named storms and major hurricanes. The season has the potential to be extremely active, and could be the most active since 2010.

    Forecasters now say there is a 60-percent chance of an above-normal season (compared to the May prediction of 45 percent chance), with 14-19 named storms (increased from the May predicted range of 11-17) and 2-5 major hurricanes (increased from the May predicted range of 2-4). A prediction for 5-9 hurricanes remains unchanged from the initial May outlook.

    In just the first nine weeks of this season there have been six named storms, which is half the number of storms during an average six-month season and double the number of storms that would typically form by early August. An average Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1-November 30, produces 12 named storms, of which six become hurricanes, including three major hurricanes.


    Today’s update also decreases the chance of a near-normal season from 35 percent to 30 percent, and a below-normal season from 20 percent to only 10 percent from the initial outlook issued in May.


    Tropical Depression “EIGHT” (soon to become Tropical Storm GERT) has formed … As good news, it should stay away from USA mainland


    HURRICANE GERT will soon be born … thankfully, she will only impact Atlantic shipping lanes … The wave off the Sahara Desert is also predicted to possibly become TD9 later in week? or even Hurricane HARVEY later … when what is called the “omega blocking high” leaves — lookout mainland USA (and even Canada as well … e.g., Nova Scotia – as a friend in St. Johns used to get hammered)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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