Video Game Developer Roblox Launches IPO After Revenue Triples Since Pandemic

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    Video game developer Roblox launches on March 10…



    [size=5][color=green]The Ying & Yang

    Dow Nabs All Time Closing High 32,297.02
    That little gaming stock

    – High 348.50 Low 172.00 262.24 ▲ 15.34 +6.21%
    – New Gamer stock $RBLX 69.47 ▲ 24.47 +54.38%[/color][/size]

    Super Harley

    Stifel started coverage on Roblox (RBLX) at Buy with an $85 tgt (~18% upside);

    The company has a recent history of impressive growth, with DAUs, hours engaged, and bookings increasing at CAGRs (2018-20) of +65%, +80%, and +94%, respectively.

    To sustain this momentum, Roblox has a multi-faceted strategy to achieve a goal of “impacting” billions of users. And while firm considers such initiatives in their model (i.e, international reach and age demographic expansion), none are fully contemplated.

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    Roblox Bullish sell side initiations out of Morgan Stanley, Goldman, BofA, and Truist

    Roblox Corp
    70.82 ▲ 3.48 (+5.17%)
    April 5, 11:30 AM EDT

    BofA said RBLX was the No. 1 mobile app in the US in ‘20 (No. 3 on iOS WW). The platform has remarkable reach with kids and equally strong engagement with a catalog of >20mn “Experiences” where users spend virtual currency. In ‘20, daily users grew 85% Y/Y to 36mn (~160mn monthly) while hours grew 21% Y/Y to ~2.6/day; exceeding most media. With 54% of users under 13, brands can connect with hard-to-reach Gen Z users and they expect new experiences incl. concerts, sports, business, and film. The propensity of Gen Z to engage/communicate/transact online is a positive L.T. tailwind unique to RBLX.

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    Roblox partners with Hasbro for Monopoly and Nerf products

    Toymaker Hasbro said Tuesday it will partner with Roblox, an online video game platform, on Nerf and Monopoly merchandise.
    The toys will include codes for players to redeem for virtual goodies to use in the game.
    A Nerf-branded experience will also be launched on Roblox’s platform later this year.

    The Nerf blasters will feature various Roblox games such as Arsenal and Jailbreak, and will be available this fall in U.S. stores. Each blasters will include a code for players to redeem online for a virtual blaster to use in the game.

    “Our design teams have done a phenomenal job capturing the creativity and essence of Roblox creators and their most immersive, innovative Roblox games in NERF blaster form,” said Adam Kleinman, vice president of Nerf global marketing, in a press release.

    In addition, a new version of Monopoly will incorporate popular Roblox experiences into the game. It also will include a code for players to redeem online for an exclusive virtual item. The board game will be available for preorder on Hasbro Pulse in the U.S. and Canada and at Big Bad Toy Shop.

    A Nerf-branded experience will be launched on Roblox’s platform later this year.

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    [color=green][size=5][b]Roblox Corp Soars on Hasbro Deal
    82.05 ▲ 7.05 (9.40%)[/b][/size][/color]


    JP Morgan started coverage on Roblox (RBLX) at Overweight with an $85 tgt;

    firm believes Roblox uniquely offers investors exposure to multiple growth megatrends, including mobile gaming, social networking, user generated content, and digital identity. The closed platform of games and experiences is not unlike the App or Play stores, with innovation distributed to a global pool of increasingly sophisticated developers.

    Super Harley

    Roblox reports earnings Monday afternoon It is expected to report $573.1 million in sales in its March-ended quarter, according to FactSet estimates and earnings per share of $0.13.

    “I have my eye on Roblox because Roblox is essentially crack for kids,” Danielle Shay, director of options at Simpler Trading, said Friday. “Their business model is a little bit questionable but lucrative. So, I’m looking at this one to the upside.”


    $RBLX short int is $907M
    10.33M shs shorted
    4.84% SI% of Float
    4.62% S3 SI% Float
    0.30% fee

    Shs shorted down -405K shares, worth $36M, -3.8%, over the last week.
    Shorts down -$157M in 2021 mark-to-market losses; down -$21M on today’s +2.3% move.


    Roblox 84.03 ▼ 5.77 (-6.43%) after reporting soft May metrics
    DAUs fell 1% & bookings fell 12% from April (+24-26% yr/yr), implying Q2 results below most estimates. (back to school and summer holidays)

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