US Fish at All Time Low For Overfishing and Overfished Stocks

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    Good news on replenishing the oceans, the National…



    ^^^ That’s good to read.

    Know when I went sport fishing the Gulf of Mexico every week (prior to relocating in mid 2009), there were problems with commercial fishing boats coming into US waters (not international water) because of how overfished it had become in waters off the the coast of Mexico. Also commercial fishing boats from Asia were fishing in US and international waters in the Gulf of Mexico, but would dock at ports in Mexico – where the fish would be cleaned and processed in Mexico then shipped to Asia.

    My home away from home on days off work used to be the shorelines and waters of the Texas Gulf Coast from the north shore of the King Ranch (near Riviera, Texas or Baffin Bay) all the way to up by Galveston. Even made the front cover of a popular sport fishing publication/website in 2009 for catching legal limits of BOTH redfish (aka red drum) and black drum each and every day for 3 consecutive days while wadefishing at Padre Island. That was a haul of fish! ;>)

    Thanks again Corporal for the update on the link you posted above.


    Enjoyed this article and Rattlesnakes response – yes what is often overlooked is the rogue commercials coming in and destroying what ever they can – as you point out here from Mexico.

    Sounds like you had a great time sport fishing – also great to see Snapper numbers robust and healthy after the Deepwater disaster was said to be going to wipe out the gulf’s shrimp and fish. Natural has amazing resilience. But we need groups like this to keep an eye and though they can be a little over zealous Greenpeace can force the issue to.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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