U.S. and China Put Trade War and Tariffs On Hold

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    U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on T.V….




    Mnuchin on CNBC this AM

    Will increase US exports to China significantly
    Discussed lowering tariffs with China
    US team is unified on US-China trade talks
    Trump did not dictate any terms of US review of ZTE
    Both US and China have agreed to suspend tariffs
    This is a trade dispute with China, it was never a war
    US could increase energy exports to China under agreement
    US-China talks have to be turned into binding agreements with companies
    US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross is to travel to China to put framework in place
    Some parts of agreement will take time, some can be put in place immediately
    If we don’t get what we want on China trade, Trump can put tariffs back on
    Economic growth this year to be very strong
    There is still some significant, open issues over NAFTA
    We’ll see where we get on NAFTA talks in the next few weeks
    Still trying to get a new deal done
    Still focused on new NAFTA deal that Congress would have to approve
    But could consider a possible ‘skinny’ deal instead of full-on NAFTA agreement
    A strong US dollar is good for the US in the long-term
    US well on its way to 3% or higher sustained growth


    White House to put tariffs on smaller list of China products tomorrow says CNBC

    Says 800-900 products will have tariffs instead of 1300 as first published
    The total is likely less than the $50 billion

    Question is where does this sit in the overall discussion?

    Helmholtz Watson

    Markets get a reprieve SPX futures bounce 15 handles after Trump decides against toughest measures on China investments
    Reuters reports according to a senior administration official
    Trump won’t invoke national emergency law on China
    Trump to use CFIUS to respond to China’s technology theft
    CFIUS is best approach to protect US technology

    Helmholtz Watson

    US Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin on CNBC TV

    Changes to CFIUS is an attempt to strengthen investment controls
    No significant economic impact to arise from the decision
    Not singling out China Certain countries will receive heightened review under changes to CFIUS
    If Congress doesn’t pass CFIUS legislation quickly, Trump can direct Treasury through an executive order to apply the same provisions
    Expect a “big” Q2 GDP number

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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