Traders Market Weekly: Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You

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    India considering rupee-ruble bilateral trade between Russia and India to bypass sanctions

    The government may soon give the green light to bilateral trade between Russia and India in their national currencies to avoid any trade disruptions, multiple people aware of the matter said.
    While the Department of Commerce has recommended the proposal, an announcement is likely to be made by the finance ministry after further deliberations between the Department of Economic Affairs and Department of Financial Services.


    S&P Futures vs Fair Value: -9
    10 yr Note: 1.87%
    USD/JPY: 115.75 +0.25
    EUR/USD: 1.1084 -0.00037
    Europe: FTSE -0.3% DAX -0.8% CAC -0.5%
    Asia: Hang Seng +0.5% Shanghai -0.1% Nikkei -0.7%
    Gold (1934.90 -7.90) Silver (25.45 +0.27) Crude (113.25 +2.70)


    US equity futures are lower this morning. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will testify to the Senate today after his House testimony yesterday where he signaled a 25 basis point rate hike in March. Mr. Powell’s opening remarks will be the same as yesterday.

    Asia markets were mixed. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has now been going on for over a week. Russia and Ukraine are holding another round of talks today where a ceasefire will be discussed, but Ukrainian officials cited by CNN do not believe anything substantial will come out of this meeting. Russia continues to attack infrastructure in several cities. Russian forces captured Kherson, as Ukraine is slowing down the invasion in other parts of the country.

    In Europe, markets were lower. February Eurozone Markit Services PMI was 55.5 versus 51.1 prior


    The media has new strategy in 2022 to not cover conservative causes or news (unless bad)
    It had been days since any news on People’s Convoy & thought it fizzled out
    However it’s set to arrive MARCH 5th in District of Crime 😉

    Heard update today there are 7,000+ trucks/vehicles
    stretching some 30 miles (near Ohio for main branch as I understand now)
    Freedom from Vax/mask mandates is main cause .. but I can’t imagine fuel expenses
    Hope things even up peaceful & USA starts to DRILL, DRILL, DRILL again 🙂


    Markets are on OIL/FOMC/WAR watch cycling “+” and “-” with lots of uncertainty
    and being non-politic I wish very best resolutions & peace ahead on this tiny blue marble


    album “PG” version of one of most popular anti-war songs at Woodstock – lol 😉
    war is indeed the worst side of humanity & hope for peaceful resolution ahead 🙂


    Dow 33,795.22 -96.13 -0.28%
    S&P 500 4,363.49 -23.05 -0.53%
    Nasdaq 13,537.94 -214.07 -1.56%
    GlobalDow 3,987.44 -14.12 -0.35%
    Gold 1,940.60 18.30 0.95%
    Oil 108.58 -2.02 -1.83%


    Mother of all Reports …. +678,000 … 3.8% U/E rate
    Stocks still falling as even NUKE reactor was attacked overnight
    Gas is much higher for all — as USA no longer energy independent
    Hopefully the war ends soon — it’s heartbreaking & cruel
    and there are better ways to solve world problems

    OKAY Bambi time to fire up our monthly JOBS theme song 🙂


    Dow 33,614.80 -179.86 -0.53%
    S&P 500 4,328.87 -34.62 -0.79%
    Nasdaq 13,313.44 -224.50 -1.66%
    GlobalDow 3,908.72 -77.70 -1.95%
    Gold 1,969.60 33.70 1.74%
    Oil 114.96 7.29 6.77%

    YAY -it’s the weekend to kick off a “disco Friday” from the great times of old 🙂


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