Tesla Another Huge Loss But Higher Revenue, Model 3 Production

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    Super Harley

    Electric vehicle and storage company Tesla reported another…


    Super Harley

    Tesla $TSLA Now up to $325.75 +24.91 or 8.28% since @elonmusk entered the conference call

    Super Harley

    Musk says Goal is to be profitable and cash-flow positive in every quarter moving forward
    Musk stresses on sustainable profitability from Q3. Says the ramp production set up has a lot more potential


    Loup Ventures Note on Tesla

    Gene Munster, Will Thompson

    [b]Tesla Results: Pieces Moving into Place for Sustainable Story
    We are positive on the Tesla story given the company’s well-positioned product roadmap around EV, autonomy, solar, and storage.
    Tesla shares are up ~9% after hours as the company made progress on key pieces to the long-term sustainability of the story.
    The “run out of cash” concern still exists, but likely not for long, as it would be effectively ended if the company turns a profit in Sep-18 or Dec-18.
    Musk was more measured on the call, improving investor confidence.
    Model 3 production and profitability remain unchanged.
    Demand for Model 3 likely to increase as more are available for test drives and are seen in the wild.
    Shanghai factory debt financing points to continued investor support.
    One negative from the call: Musk suggested a 2020 total output of 750k-1M vehicles compared to his previous target of 1M.


    Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas Note on Tesla

    Reiterated an Equal-Weight rating on Tesla with a $291 price target.

    The analyst was cautious (as one should be) and noted:

    Auto gross margins beat Morgan Stanley’s estimate by 4 percent.
    Third-quarter unit volume guidance ahead of expectations.
    Capex guidance of $2.5 billion below expectations of $2.8 billion.

    Jonas pretty much sums it up saying the Tesla bull story is again riding on whether investors believe Musk’s targets and promises. Tesla’s operating cash burn of $543 million was much worse than the $130 million Jonas expected. Also vague guidance left a number of unanswered questions going forward.

    “For example, the statement that they expect to generate positive cash ‘including operating cash inflows and capital expenditures, as well as the normal inflow of cash received from non-recourse financing activities on leased vehicles and solar products’ leaves a rather large range of outcomes for how free cash is actually created.”

    Jonas questions what measures Tesla is taking to reduce its cash consumption.


    More to those concerns Cowen said

    “Given management’s aggressive production targets, we find the company’s flat operating expense commentary perplexing,
    We believe the decision to keep the less automated GA4 line (aka the tent) long term will further impact gross and operating margins.”

    Super Harley

    Well this just happened:

    Elon Musk Verified account @elonmusk

    Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.


    Super Harley

    Tesla Motors Inc NASDAQ: TSLA
    364.55 ▲ 22.54 (6.59%)
    August 7, 1:18 PM EDT


    WSJ reporting the SEC has inquired with Tesla about Elon Musk’s announcement that he may take the company private and whether his claim was factual.

    The regulator also asked why the disclosure was made on the social network rather than in a regulatory filing, and whether the firm believes the announcement
    complies with investor-protection rules.

    One potential problem is that merely the intent of a “going private” transaction, triggers rule 13E-3, which requires the company to file a Schedule 13E-3 with the SEC
    as well as furnish the required disclosures to the company’s shareholders. Note: the rule is triggered even if the intent to go private is ultimately unsuccessful.


    Is it too obvious that this was a blatant attempt to pull away from the $359.8676 conversion price of the $920 million of convertible bond due March 2019. Logic would say that’s too far away time wise but this guy just managed to game the stock higher by apologizing analysts at the latest Musk love fest and seems to embody the God complex right now. Reckless at best


    This morning Tesla Inc. $TSLA was issued notes after the Musk tweet:
    Jefferies maintained Hold but raised target price to $360 from $250.
    JPMorgan maintained Underweight but raised value to $308 on a blended $195/$420 weighting.


    Musk updated his thoughts on a Tesla blog this morning:

    Update on Taking Tesla Private
    Elon Musk August 13, 2018

    Helmholtz Watson

    Musk’s ego getting the better of him


    Ihor Dusaniwsky @ihors3

    $TSLA short interest is$12.18 bn, 34.27 mm shares shorted, 26.9% of the float. Shares shorted are down 407 thousand (-1.2%) since The Tweet & up 3.8 mm (+12.6%) in 2018. #Tesla shorts are down $32 million in mark-to-market losses on today’s +0.25% price move & down -$2.5 bn ytd


    Super Harley

    I think this sums up the $TSLA miss well from Bloomberg’s Tom Randall Verified account @tsrandall

    For the first time in 2018, Tesla has a pretty good story to tell: consistent production, great reviews, inching toward profitability. Instead we’re talking about CEO getting subpoenaed by the SEC due to a rash, unchecked twitter habit. Shares are now lower than pre-buyout talk


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