Stocks Crash Revives Memories of 2008, What Next For S&P Futures

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    Stocks and the S&P 500 Index crashed on…



    Well that gets rid of the no risk theory pushed by brokers and analysts


    [b][color=teal][size=5]About 2 or 3 weeks ago just before GOVT SHUTDOWN #1 — I moved all 401K and IRA MUTUALs to safety (MONEY MKT) … after a strong 300+ point surge on DOW — I felt even 26,100 was too good to be true (with no corrections in past 3 years or so) … I’ve been doing that type of approach for decades now — as if you don’t LOCK in profits, you sometimes have to “re-earn” them all over again 🙂

    I believe equities still will rebound due to great TAX advantages & deregulations … but that does take time to filter down to the workers, etc. While I’m 99% cash, I’ll be buying back in gradually … I don’t know if this is a small or the GREAT correction that is long overdue, but with GOVT shutdown II looming, we do have a little uncertainty ahead.

    One good reminder for all — STOCKS go DOWN faster than they go UP (which is why it is difficult to exit markets)

    Still, even if we go higher, one cannot ignore RISKS in the 30% upside in equities — which even better investment climate has not filtered down fully yet(as economy is not 30% better for the average citizen yet) … I’m neither BEARISH or BULLISH — but cautious all the way :)[/size][/color][/b]


    We could see another run up in the stock market when Trump gets an infrastructure bill signed
    I’m still trying to figure out how the ATL Fed see’s +5% GDP and the only way I see it, is with an Dwight D Eisenhower type of infrastructure spending


    I read that report here also – they added a full percentage point from ISM and Construction – the great infrastructure bill is expected by many – it would be a disaster for many if doesn’t happen


    CBOE Volatility Index $VIX

    Last Updated: Feb 5, 2018 12:59 p.m. CST
    21.74 4.43 25.59%


    Updating with Fib levels on weekly from Trump election win night (blue) and previous low prior (white)


    this may be a 1,000 point day (down 900 now) :woohoo:


    Well that turned around quickly stocks soared after NFP

    The first day since since January 26th a major index closed at a record level and those crashes in between, The Nasdaq composite index rose 1.79% today above the January 26th high and high close at 7505.77 at 7560.81, up 132.87 points.

    The S&P closed the day at 2786.57, up 47.60 points or 1.74%
    The Dow closed up 440.53 points or 1.77% at 25335.74.

    For the week

    The NASDAQ rose 4.17%
    The S&P index rose 3.54%
    The Dow industrial average rose 3.25%

    For the year to date:

    The Dow is now up 2.49%
    The S&P index is up 4.23%, and the
    NASDAQ composite index is up nearly 10% at 9.52%.

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