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    [b]since this must be the most important news in USA or even world (even over peace potential in Korea peninsula) :woohoo: .. mainly wanted a home to share breaking news & some humorous cartoons along the way

    Years ago, Senator Earnest Hollins once said that “there is a whole lot of consuming going on” … and in 2016, there was a whole lot of COLLUDIN’ going on – lol ;)[/b]


    It is alleged that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election in order to increase political instability in the United States and to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by bolstering the candidacies of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein.

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, serving as Acting Attorney General due to the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, authorized Mueller to investigate and prosecute “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump,” as well as “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation” and any other matters within the scope of 28 CFR 600.4 – Jurisdiction.

    Trump and others have criticized the fact that many members of Mueller’s team have had some affiliation with the Democratic Party, federal regulations prohibit Mueller from considering political affiliation in hiring decisions.[75] Republican members of the House of Representatives have accused the investigation of being manned by personnel with an “anti-Trump” bias who “let Clinton off easy last year”, in reference to the FBI’s investigation of Hilary Clinton’s email server.


    President Donald Trump suggested Monday that “angry Democrats” on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team could face legal action over alleged “conflicts of interest.”

    “The 13 Angry Democrats in charge of the Russian Witch Hunt are starting to find out that there is a Court System in place that actually protects people from injustice…and just wait ’till the Courts get to see your unrevealed Conflicts of Interest!” Trump said.




    [color=purple][size=5]‘Worse Than Watergate’: Hannity Blasts Reports Obama FBI Spied on Trump Campaign

    and things got kind of “stormy” in Oregon yesterday 😉 :woohoo:


    All this has been a great way of Stormy Daniels to get a money out of a dead career – she was way way past her value as a porn star – and then the lawyer and who pays for it etc etc


    [color=purple][b]Does INFORMANT = SPY ? ? ?
    Just curious – lol 🙂
    Hoping all of this ends one day 🙂
    Probably a few wrongs both ways – as it’s called Politics :woohoo: )

    P.S. One of greatest songs of all time below 8)[/b][/color]


    Indeed spying and would think abusing political privilege by authorizing it on an opponent


    [color=purple][b]MAXINE – Got some splain’ to do :woohoo:

    From one of #45’s harshest critics — who may be GUILTY of election misdeeds (as in funneling ELECTION MAILERS thru her daughter who took out thousands of $$$ — beyond the TRUE EXPENSE cost of stamps in a “laundering” type approach

    FEC investigating improper actions – but likely not serious charges will occur other than slap on wrist … Still – one must be careful when casting the 1st stone 😉 :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:



    [color=blue][b]+1 @ Sarah Sanders for excellent response … PRESS is NOT enemy of people
    but constant stretching of news & even highlighting fake news
    that is more of the root cause for the 3am tweet bombs :whistle:
    Even those of us who like improvements #45 has made – it can be done in a more kinder & gentler fashion sometimes (even though there is also need to stand ground as well)


    [b]ANALYSIS of 3 MILLION Russian tweet — Two Clemson University researchers, used social media tracking software to collect 2,973,371 tweets from 2,848 Twitter handles traced back to the IRA. The result, published and analyzed by data-driven journalism outlet FiveThirtyEight, is the most comprehensive view we’ve seen to date of Russian trolls’ social media activity. The researchers’ breakdown identified some interesting trends by sorting the troll accounts into different categories based on their tweets. While the most popular category was simply non-English tweets at 28.2 percent, right behind it were right-wing troll accounts, which made up 24.2 percent of the almost 3 million tweets analyzed.





    [b][size=5]Lanny Davis is now cited for SERIOUS mistakes in speculating some “fake news” in the on-going investigations :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


    In a new interview with The Washington Post’s Tom Hamburger and Rosalind S. Helderman, I regret my error.”[/size][/b]

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