Spain Preparing to Take Control Of Catalonia, It’s Police and Media

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    Helmholtz Watson



    The will of two forces that have totally different objectives and a worried EU watching on that their house of cards may collapse. Popcorn time.


    something wrong with the term democracy when examples like, in Catalonia where the peoples vote seems to be met with police.

    Helmholtz Watson

    Spain’s deputy PM says Madrid has not had any contact with Catalan gov’t since Saturday.

    Central gov’t may choose a single representative to govern Catalonia temporarily
    Catalan leader will lose all powers and stop receiving salary once senate approves direct intervention

    Helmholtz Watson

    Catalonia’s foreign minister no one but the Catalan people has the right to change Catalan institutions

    EU democracy will not be credible if it allows Spain to impose direct rule
    All institutions including police need to follow instructions from democratically elected Catalan institutions

    From BBC Radio 4





    Spanish PM Rajoy speaking in parliament 25 Oct

    – Calling election would be a good move
    – One of government priorities right now is to re-establish rule of law in Catalonia
    – Application of Article 155 aims to avoid further economic consequences of Catalan independence
    – Hope Puigdemont will come to Spanish senate to speak


    Catalan boss Puigdemont on TV says

    not ready to call election
    can’t guarantee vote will be held normally
    considered election but ruled it up

    Helmholtz Watson

    Spanish constitutional court cancels Catalonia’s independence declaration

    Court calls on speaker of Catalan parliament and other senior lawmakers to testify 2,3 Nov

    Helmholtz Watson

    Puigdemont is now in Brussels

    Puigdemont is in Belgium with five of his cabinet
    Meritxell Serret, agriculture minister
    Antoni Comín, health minister
    Dolors Bassa, labor minister
    Meritxell Borrás, governance minister
    Joaquim Forn, interior minister

    Press conference

    Dialogue with Madrid wasn’t possible
    Charges against Catalan leaders are groundless
    Part of Catalan govt will stay in Catalonia to carry on with political activities
    Has come to Brussels to put forward Catalan issue in heart of Europe
    Accepts democratic challenge of 21 Dec elections

    And of course:
    Not seeking asylum in Belgium
    Will return to Catalonia when given guarantees

    Super Harley

    Not quite going as planned


    Catalan separatist leader Puigdemont arrested in Germany

    Spanish independence leader Carles Puigdemont was detained in Germany after crossing in from Denmark on Sunday.
    He has officially stepped down from his party post but continued to act as a sort-of leader-in-exile touring Europe to drum up support for independence in Catalonia.
    He has been based on Belgium since he fled.
    He will have a hearing Monday.


    gotta love a Democracy where you can arrest ur opponents

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