Pope Francis is facing possible impeachment

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    Pope Francis is facing possible impeachment over heresy charges, according to Antonio Socci, one of Italy’s leading Catholic journalists.

    Pope Francis reportedly denies the existence of hell
    According to a reporter for theist, left-wing and anticlerical Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the Pope said that hell did not exist in a recent meeting. The Vatican is now scrambling to explain what he meant.


    [b]YES – a place of eternal punishment does exist … for example, imagine if election results went other way in 2016 😉 :ohmy:

    However all kidding aside — he did later affirm & clarify … Plus he was being interviewed by 93 year old atheist friend who did not take notes …who may have distorted results (aka “fake news” is further misreporting that report as fact — just like a Russian dociatte or DC leak :woohoo: Still most recent pope has had a few controversial viewpoints – but believe he’ll likely be OKAY in the end – on this one based on at least what I’ve heard reported? [/b]


    the Pope can be deposed on the grounds of heresy, impeach is American slang for heresy
    but it is impossible for a pope to infallibly declare something false (the first see is judged by no one) and even if the Pope did, Cardinals can’t talk about it (can. xxi. Hefele, IV, 421-22)

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