Poll: Tim Hortons Not Canada’s Favorite Coffee

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    Being in Texas have to say not familiar with a lot of these but I would say for mine best is Kolache Factory when I get breakfast there – yeah I know that’s a Southern thing.

    Starbucks good but so overpriced – I have heard Maccas is good but haven’t had given my pet aversion to junk food lol 7-11 would imagine like on the run etc the exxon one

    I need to get to Canada and try these out


    Duncan Donuts is one of better places in SW Virginia for quality coffee at good price … My bride of many years even buys it in Krogers — as I like the dark roast and HIGH TEST brands – lol 🙂


    From McDonalds Call

    $MCD is optimistic on coffee as it is a $30Bil business in the US and it is growing mid-to-high-single digits as a category. This is a high margin category and the company is underpenetrated here.

    $MCD saw good growth in its McCafé business in 3Q17, and looking out over the next few years, expects to use McCafé as a platform for additional growth.


    Had some on my recent trip up North – hit me right where it mattered – rate it way over Maccas brew.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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