“One more thing” Apple Event Sept 12th 2017

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    Thank you for that- so do we file this to the ‘X Files”?


    [quote=”TradersCom” post=1411]Thank you for that- so do we file this to the ‘X Files”?[/quote]

    only for the people that actually pay over $1000 for a phone
    they get filed in the “X Files” for eXtremely wasting money


    IMO this is just obscene for a phone – how about the cry when it drops and shatters!


    10 years of iPhone: The Big Picture


    and iPhone 6 was the last “revolutionary” one that was compatible with regular headphones, etc. … the 7, 8 and X models all have their advantages & disadvantages, but other OEM vendors have caught up or have far better price points (e.g., Samsung, Google, Motorola, etc) … the original “cell phone” has evolved from an “phone only” to a full fledged computer, high-end camera, video recorder, GPS, etc. all rolled into a tiny portable device … it’s definitely amazing technology 🙂


    Agree and logic would suggest it eats into all those other device needs or markets. I guess that is why they went $1000 for X


    Smartphones today replace or replicate everything that was on Radio Shack’s front-page of a flyer. Buying each product that a smartphone can do would cost over $10,000 today.



    LMAO – gotta put tape on it but wait


    Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty Raises Apple $AAPL Price Target

    Huberty reiterated her overweight rating on Apple stock and raised her price target to 194 from 182.

    “The key takeaway from Apple’s recent product launch is ASP (average selling price) uplift across the product line,”
    “An aspirational brand, high customer loyalty, and weaker U.S. dollar allow Apple to increase prices without hurting demand.” Huberty said in a note to clien


    Huberty believes the price increases will push Apple’s fiscal 2018 earnings per share up 7% to $12.60, vs. current consensus of $10.95. Apple’s fiscal 2018 starts Oct. 1. Huberrty raised her revenue forecast for fiscal 2018 to $301 billion from $288 billion and is now 14% above consensus estimates of $263 billion.

    Higher Starting prices

    Starting prices on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are $50 and $30 higher, respectively, than the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone X starting price of $999 is $50 above her expectation.

    Apple Watch smartwatch and Apple TV set-top box drove their prices $30 above prior generations,
    Apple iPad Pro tablet prices by $50 with higher data storage configurations.

    Apple also increased the price of two-year AppleCare contracts for the iPhone by $20.

    “Taking all of these price changes into account drives our fiscal 2018 iPhone ASPs 5% higher to $784 (from $746), iPad ASPs to $450 (from $446), Apple Watch ASPs to $401 (from $393) and services revenue higher by an incremental percentage point to account for the higher AppleCare pricing,” Huberty said.

    “Apple is an aspirational brand offering high quality, innovative products at a premium price,” Huberty said. “As a result, the company escapes the typical trend of declining prices that drive demand for other devices.”

    Super Harley

    Raymond James chip analyst Christopher Caso Says iPhone X delay in Production

    His supply-chain checks indicate a later production start for the premium handset than previously thought.

    “Interestingly, while the industry widely anticipated a shift in iPhone ramp timing, our checks suggest there was an incremental delay in the build plans — with orders firmed up as recently as last week — shifting production more into the December quarter,” Caso said. “While our checks are ongoing, initial feedback from our meetings suggests that final production of iPhone X has not yet begun, with production expected to commence in mid-October.”


    Not a bad thing with the issues the new phones are having one would think


    [quote=”TradersCom” post=1649]Not a bad thing with the issues the new phones are having one would think[/quote]

    $AAPL buying opportunity


    [size=5]Being in computer field, I’m hearing reports that folks ain’t lining up in a Black Friday mass rush at the local Apple stores for either the EIGHT or the TEN updates … With that said, certainly the Applelunians will still update to get “coolest” and most well made toys on the planet 8) 8)

    OOOOHHHHH THE HUMANITY for us parents[/size]

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