NFL Week 4

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    Deshaun Watson ties rookie record with 5 scores as Texans put up franchise-record 57 points

    Imagine how great the Texans would be with a healthy DeAndre Hopkins (knee)


    wtf? America want to bring back the Monarchy?
    [quote=”CautiousInvestor” post=1905] A few players protested in England while US anthem played and then when UK anthem played they all stood [/quote]


    During a press conference on Wednesday, Carolina Panthers beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue asked quarterback Cam Newton about his receivers’ improved route-running abilities. He smirked and called technical football question “funny” coming from “a female.”


    [quote=”Assistanc3″ post=2007]During a press conference on Wednesday, Carolina Panthers beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue asked quarterback Cam Newton about his receivers’ improved route-running abilities. He smirked and called technical football question “funny” coming from “a female.”[/quote]

    I saw that – not going to win him any female fans that one – how long have their been female sports reports – Oh Cam you put your big foot in your mouth again.


    this is why hockey players seldom get into trouble
    they all use pre scripted responses to keep them from saying stupid things

    nothing can be taken as a joke anymore
    everything is blown wide apart no matter how little it is
    everyone’s feelings are hurt sometimes and the media makes sure you know about it when it is them

    Super Harley

    Agree while it was silly it was clear he meant it as a joke and next minute it is a huge issue – I was annoyed at first but I got it – we are going to get where no one will say anything and then everyone will complain about that. America needs to find context.


    Cam Newton has lost his Dannon sponsorship for his comments

    but the story doesn’t end, in fact, it gets worse

    Jourdan Rodrigue has since deleted the tweets and issued an apology
    but the internet never forgets

    she has also gone out of her way to make jokes at Cam Newton on Twitter

    sure, its a joke and its funny ….but some people may find it offensive
    this is the snowflake world we live in now, everything that is meant as a joke will ALWAYS be taken out of context because SOMEONE will be offended.

    for example, this “joke” ?

    taken with the other things she has said, sounds racists not funny

    still not convinced? wow, tough crowd … ok ok

    so she has played the victim card because of a sexist joke, again … you may not think it is funny. But would this have the attention that has been given to it if she had not tweeted out what Cam said…for all the followers/haters/agitators to jump all over Cam Newton – the black millionaire athlete at the prime of his career ….or does she have something against Cam?

    now someone could take that turd “joke” as extremely offensive, or you can take it as the joke which we assume it was meant to be. Which underscores the point of Cam was actually joking around with his joke in the first place.

    I rest my case.


    While Cam did a sincere apology for simply kidding around with a reporter — who surprised him with some of special “buzzwords” & technical details … that was taken way out of context … Cam is not anti-woman & I saw as a compliment to her knowledge of game, but agree that words are easily misinterpreted or media looks for “red meat” to make soundbytes out of

    and based on tweets above — this reporter should be in hot water & on probation as well.

    I’m mostly keeping TV off these days, as I can never look at NFL games in same way — after national anthem being mis-used & setting bad example for youth…. we need to get back to Whitney Houston’s rendition in Super Bowl in proper manner to celebrate this special moment

    Finally most folks from president to media to athletes should look at bridling their tongue (as shared in good book of James chapter 3) … and while you’re at it, bridle the TWITTER ACCOUNTS as well.


    I did watch a little of game last as I plugged back in & was searching for MLB playoffs covered locally … After fixing a homemade pizza that include some 3 types of hot peppers (including ghost for super heat) — I did enjoy a little of the game before the hound & I feel asleep on sofa.

    TV viewership ratings are down for NFL as I know some folks who have cancelled NFL direct TV packages. And as much as I love sports, I have less interest now — and I will return to more active viewing — once standards can be set not to disrespect that sacred anthem for political reasons (even if I agreed with cause, that simply ain’t the place/way to protest)

    NE 19 – TB 14


    [size=5]Super Bowl 1991 (10 days into Gulf War I) … the ending vocals are the most awesome of all time (voice of an angel) …

    Super Harley

    Reading through the reporters thread – they are clearly more offensive and with racist overtones yet he’s in trouble – double standards are rife and its relentless.


    just an update
    Jourdan Rodrigue still has her job while Cam lost his endorsement

    We can’t have equality when people aren’t treated the same

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