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    [size=5]^^^ +3 and Thank you … NFL Attendance & viewership is declining big time for ALL PRO sports… as there is a high expectation gap where our “sports heroes” must always be great role models for kids as well. Still, a friend at church today shared that well over 95% of ALL athletes reverence the 1 minute civic tradition & all it takes is “one bad apple”.

    Patriotic folks don’t like seeing flag/anthem/pledge dissed — just to make a political point. and ultimately those who do so actually hurt their future careers. The weekend critique was on the rough edge & will actually spark more than less … but I do agree those 1 minute salutes to a nation must be reverend, respectful, and not a stage to act out protests upon.

    At top of my list of future hope, is that mankind can move forward instead of backwards to civilization type “2” as noted in Star Trek. I still won’t boycott …. Still any time US or Canadian anthems play I even make Rudolph our pug stand reverently in honor of men & women who built & protected the USA,

    Years ago, I was a “sports nut” & still love participation/watching … but character is just as essential as athletic ability … so based on steroid era & other fallen heroes, it makes me thankful to have “cut the cord” on most TV back in 2013 … No ESPN or CNBC … as local stations in HDMI are all we need :)[/size]


    @jaketapper 4h

    The last Sunday in September is Gold Star Mothers’ and Family’s Day, when we honor those whose sacrifice and pain is unimaginable
    Pittsburgh Steelers entire team (minus 1 player, West Point graduate and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva, stood near the tunnel) stayed in locker room for national anthem

    Not a single player from the Titans or the Seahawks participated in the National Anthem


    Not a smart way to protest IMHO and the disrespect it shows to many fans is just plain ignorant of who pays the bills- crowds plummeting, TV ratings down and many turning to watch college rather NFL. Now NBA joins in – they don’t get that many are offended and think of them as overpaid show boats. There are better ways to protest and be heard then be unpatriotic in a very patriotic nation, Goodall to say that Trump is divisive and ignoring that the whole protest is divisive speaks volumes. At this speed TV fees will be down and those salaries will be also. Turn this into a positive dialogue but alas it will get worse first.


    ^^^ +1 Excellent commentary — Paradoxically, the harsh critique is bonding some teams – as those who locked arms played well yesterday (Redskins did well last night – lol)… I’m personally not going to boycott sports, but when games are on we want a rest from politics & the escapism it brings (as I suddenly become a QB or a coach). While I see both sides, the greater good is our civic duty & respect the sacred rites of our nation. As a young boy, seeing the 1968 Mexico CIty protests during Olympic games impacted me ….. It was wrong then & today as well.



    +1 @BIG BEN … one of greates QBs of all time 🙂 … Ben Roethlisberger Regrets Steelers Boycotting Anthem — “I personally don’t believe the Anthem is ever the time to make any type of protest,” the Super Bowl-winning QB says.


    Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys took a knee BEFORE the national anthem

    and were boo’d


    ^^^ Thankfully most in Congress are too old to take a knee — or otherwise some of them might join in .;)

    Still – we were taught civics when I went to elementary school decades ago. I could never personally do something like that during what are supposed to be sacred moments — not about ourselves, but celebrating nations freedoms.– so what is going on today is completely new ground. While that stump speech to fire up base was out-of-line — many of us older folks do feel same sacredness in emblems of our nation.

    NFL and others will see revenue declines at least until norms return (if they ever do)… as I’m seeing a few friends cancelling NFL packages & vowing to not watch games. And while this is freedom of speech — there is a price to be paid sometimes (by both sides in this case)

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