NFL Week 13

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    Week 13 NFL Schedule

    Thursday, November 30th
    Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys- 7:25 on NBC

    Sunday, December 3rd
    Denver Broncos vs Miami Dolphins- 12pm on FOX
    Detroit Lions vs Baltimore Ravens- 12pm on FOX
    Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans- 12pm on CBS
    Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars- 12pm on CBS
    Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Jets- 12pm on CBS
    Minnesota Vikings vs Atlanta Falcons- 12pm on FOX
    New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills- 12pm on CBS
    San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears- 12pm on CBS
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers- 12pm on FOX
    Cleveland Browns vs Los Angeles Chargers- 3:05pm on CBS
    Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints- 3:25pm on FOX
    Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals- 3:25pm on FOX
    New York Giants vs Oakland Raiders- 3:25pm on FOX
    Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks- 7:30pm on NBC

    Monday, December 4th
    Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals- 7:30pm on ESPN


    GO REDSKINS 🙂 I might have to find one of these for our Avalon 🙂


    [size=5]But once ZEKE returns – Dallas will improve vastly …
    otherwise it would not even be close tonight
    I’m the rare type that actually likes BOTH teams :)[/size]


    I missed the start of the football game as I been prepping for the Leafs hockey game

    ya, Dallas shouldn’t lose this game but they should (for better draft pick)


    DAK is BACK 🙂 … Congrats also to Morris a former Redskin RB who got 137 yards to help make up for loss of ZEKE … the Redskins traded some of their great veterans & struggled a lot at the line positions this year… Still, Dallas has best shot to get wild card … Eagles have an awesome QB and he stays healthy they might go all the way


    that was one heck of a Monday Night Football game

    AFC North rivalry’s usually are tough games and last night was not short of that
    couple guys carted off the field, lots of fine will be handed out

    JuJu Smith-Schuster & George Iloka have each been suspended 1 game


    BIG BEN, BRADY, and BREES are 3 Hall of Famers (each leading way for each team for awesome finishes this week) … we have West VA v. UVA college BB at 6:30 and will listen on local CAVs network radio (WFIR) … as I’m fixing PIZZA for the COLD FRONT ahead … some snow showers will be blowing in next day or so

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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