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    the Super Bowl is being played in Minnesota …in a dome
    also, expected to be coldest on record



    [size=5]I hope artist known as “Pink” is able to perform (as battling flu & she is Eagles fan) … she noted a dream to do good on it — like Whitney Houston who she admires (who did best of all time) … I did hear that as Super Bowl is huge international “stage” and that possibility of players kneeling could occur … and if so it may be a “CLICK to OFF” from Rudolph & I — As contingency plan I’ve got about 4 sci-fi U-Tubes downloaded to watch as alternative … Still I may watch anyway not to let a few bad apples spoil the bushel .. no matter what at least 19% are boycotting … I’m pulling for Eagles to win their 1st, and if Patriots win I can see that as they have one of greatest QBs …

    P.S. @A3 – the Trey Gouty interview on Face Nation was about best I’ve seen as he is one of most impressive & patriotic members … sadly he is leaving legislative process to return back to judicial side … Our church was cancelled due to ice/snow so I got to watch “Slay the nation” for 1st time in long while (as I’ve probably not missed in service in 10 or more years …

    P.P.S. Starting a TRIPLE GHOST crockpot of hot chili soon 😉 :woohoo:[/size]


    Enjoyed some hottest chili ever & froze some for future meals 8) … The flu is peaking, in our area so I loaded up on millions of scoville units & “C” with ghost, hab, & jalapeno peppers. Am now ready for game as I remember even the 1st one as a small boy & have watched every year 🙂


    [color=teal][b][size=5]WOW ….. NATIONAL ANTHEM – one of BEST of all time … NAILED IT 8)
    AMERICAN THE BEAUTIFUL was also well done :)[/size][/b][/color]


    just woke up in time to catch the game

    flu has been going around Eagles locker room too


    [size=5][b]YAY – they did it … very exciting game 41-33


    Philadelphia after Super Bowl win party

    Philadelphia after Super Bowl win party the next day


    [color=purple][size=5][i]One of TOP 5 renditions of ALL TIME for me by “Pink” … AWESOME – 3 THUMBS up 😆

    And this is a top 5 rendition of America the Beautiful that I loved 8)

    and every NFL player stood – as did Rudolph the pug and I always do even at home :)[/i][/size][/color]


    on a sidenote
    did you know that telecom giant Bell Inc took the Super Bowl ads to the Supreme Court of Canada, trying to prevent Canadians from seeing those commercials? the SC wasn’t having any part of it, and we got to see American commercials during the Super Bowl.

    Bell (and Rogers) are notorious for cutting off commercials on TV channels they own in favor of showing a commercial of their own


    @A3 — CANADA’s national anthem is being changed to be more politically correct … I think from our “patriot sons” to “us” 😉 While #45 has a few flaws & I disagree with some things — at least he’s shown protection our flag, anthem, troops, Bibles, etc. … and that is a welcome change .. at least my bride & I like him 🙂


    I tweeted this 4 days ago

    #Canada Senate passes bill to make O Canada lyrics gender neutral replacing “in all thy sons command” with “in all of us command.”

    followed that up with …

    91 First Nations reserves in Canada have a boil water advisory, to bad the government of Canada is focused on changing lyrics to songs instead


    [color=blue][b]QB Noles = online LIBERTY university student (for ministry) in nearby Lynchburg VA …
    He & JJ Watts are examples of the good guys in NFL 8)


    [color=purple][b]No matter who became president #45, they would have my support & daily prayers … but glad things ended up as they did … And I’m somewhere in middle for POTUS 45

    As I’m not a “never trumper” & not a “forever trumper” … but more of a “CAUTIOUS trumper” (lol) … and even if Hillary had won, I’d be an “extremely cautious clintonite” — as we should respect leaders for better or worse. #45 sometimes has some of best of all time speeches & approaches — and sometimes Mr. Jeckyl appears…

    And I definitely disagree on cancelling EAGLES white house visit (even though less than 10 on team planned to go – in protest to NFL critiques made by #45)

    But disrespect some show to flag + current leaders caused me to miss most of last season … and likely I will remain among the 20% forever (not a total boycott as I enjoy some teams/games) — but politics & steroid era have ruined my past enthusiasm of almost all sports — as it’s become more about business/politics than athletism

    Mainly sharing the Philly boycott is not a good thing BOTH ways & a sad commentary on divisions in our land [/b][/color]

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