NCAA college basketball – Month of Jan 2018

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    1 Villanova 13-1
    2 Michigan State 14-1
    3 Arizona State 12-1
    4 Duke 13-1
    5 Texas A&M 11-2
    6 Xavier 14-1
    7 West Virginia 12-1
    8 Wichita State 11-2
    9 Virginia 12-1
    10 TCU 12-1


    UVA is playing one of very best ACC teams (North Carolina) well so far … search for live feed for UVA network or our local radio digital feed “WFIR 960 AM ROANOKE” … they had 10 point lead, but UNC is on a tear now :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:



    #8 Texas Tech (14-1) vs #9 Oklahoma (12-2) 7:00 PM ET

    Syracuse (12-4) vs #3 Virginia (14-1) 8:00 PM ET


    AP Top 25
    1 Villanova (52)
    2 West Virginia (12)
    3 Virginia (1)
    4 Michigan State
    5 Purdue
    5 Wichita State
    7 Duke
    8 Texas Tech
    9 Oklahoma
    10 Xavier

    Coaches Poll top four are the same but no votes for Virginia as #1

    Things will change in the next couple weeks for the Cavaliers
    they have some tough games ahead, vs #19 Clemson on the 23rd, vs #5 Duke on the 27th


    [size=5]UVA played well against Syracuse as it was a nail-biter in the end … UVA is LUCKY so far — but blessed with excellent talent πŸ™‚ Also I’ve taken at least one course at VA TECH — so I’m lifelong HOKIE also – lol

    I listen to EVERY football & BB game as it’s on WFIR (local radio for talk/news/sports … and has a streaming feature πŸ™‚

    UVA coach Tony Bennett is great coach – plus great role model & human being — as he is inspirational & brings out best in people πŸ™‚ … One key innovation he made is that UVA focuses more on defense than offense … and same for WVA (who I like also)[/size]


    Virginia hosts N.C. State on tonight at 6:00 p.m

    The Wahoos enter the game at 15-1. N.C. State is currently 12-5.


    [size=5][b]Hopefully UVA won’t get stung by YELLOW JACKETS tonight
    (8pm ET — as I did get few of those myself in summer months – lol)


    I actually have this game on TV tonight
    not sure what I was watching but seen the commercial for it on a station based in Atlanta, Georgia


    if UVA would stop shooting air balls, they would have a very sizable early lead
    wow, another brick

    although, GT can’t even get the ball inside the paint
    and when they do, they travel


    [color=purple][b]YAY — UVA 64 v GT 48 … and they play WAKE next on my birthday Sunday … Rudolph the pug & listened to game on radio last night … and indeed Kyle Guy and others were cold .. still Wilkens & Salty Jack play some defense along with others. … I believe I have listened to EVERY BB game & most of FB games as well (for better or worst and you can bookmark for the live stream

    Coach Bennett is one top 5 coaches in all of basketball & great human being who teaches character development along side BB

    DUKE has some of best talent despite a few meaningless losses … UVA will eventually lose again (esp. playing a great defensive team – like they did with WV)[/b][/color]


    I’m hoping with the higher rank Virginia has, they will show more uVA games on TV, I got lucky this week them playing a team from Georgia which I get a channel of. Couple years ago the same channel (PeachTree) covered the SEC in football – which basically meant I was getting 7 or 8 football games a week.

    The last time uVA was ranked #1 was in 1983
    that year they lost the regional finals to Houston by 1 point
    Houston lost to NC State in the finals by 2 points


    WOW – I would never dreamed that in a MILLION YEARS πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† ..

    P.S. #2 CAVS plays #18 CLEMSON and Tigers have awesome team this season … UVA is good but #2 might still not be true picture (but they are definitely top 10 as they have a coach that makes ordinary guys exceed expectations) … Duke is by far best in nation if all players are on “Q” — as they have a 20-20 type guy who is probably best player in nation[/b]


    80-69 ???????

    VT has some good shooters, currently the team is ranked #3 in the NCAA


    my prediction is the Cavs will beat Clemson
    it will be a turnover fest that Clemson will make more than 20
    this will allow Virginia to maintain its lead throughout the game, but Clemson will try to shoot 3’s to get back in the game

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