NASCAR 2018 racing season

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    [color=teal][size=5][b]BRISTOL BABY 8) … but one of my favorite races may be rained out (as T-Storms will be prominent tomorrow as major COLD front roars thru) … We may see this on Monday unless weatherman is wrong 😉


    WOW – 1st 49 laps did get in for Bristol in the “LAST COLLESIUM” & now in RED FLAG for RAIN delay… as I’m watching on FOX … we are near northern end of TORNADO watchbox … as one the main squall (“dry line”) moves thru we too will have improved weather in SW VA


    lap 165 of 500, are they gonna get this race in?


    The Food City 500 at The World’s Fastest Half-Mile is to be continued. After running 204 laps between four red flags on Sunday, NASCAR decided to postpone the race in Bristol, Tenn., to Monday afternoon to due to rain in the area.

    When action resumes, Kyle Larson will be the race leader as the field hopes to race the remaining 296 laps. Rain is forecasted for Monday as well, but the race will become official after the drivers complete 46 laps to end Stage 2.


    Thank you … We had major severe T-Storm and even small tornados in our area yesterday … They will try to get race in at 1pm (only takes 15 seconds to get a lap in at 130 mph on world’s fastest 1/2 mile oval). There is possibility of even light SNOW showers as major COLD front roared thru.


    [color=teal][b]KYLE BUSH #18 won his 2nd race in a row — in a SNOWY Bristol 500 — that resumed yesterday 8)… I heard that he even shook his fist at SNOW showers falling while in victory circle.

    In SW VA, we too saw SNOW falling yesterday at sunset as old man WINTER still is hanging around in our sunspot-less period of STORMY weather :woohoo:[/b][/color]


    Points Standings after Bristol.


    [b]RICHMOND 400 – SAT night race (FOX-TV) 6:30 EDT 8)


    For 3rd week in row … Kyle Bush drives #18 Toyota Camry to victory lane


    not sure if I have asked before
    but what do you think of the new format CI?



    [size=5][color=purple][b]TALLADEGA = fastest of all tracks
    GEICO 500 Sun, Apr 29 – 2:00p ET (FOX)
    have plugged up TV which has local coverage – but will be outdoors some also 8)
    EXACT START: 2:13 pm EDT & link below[/b][/color][/size]


    Joey Logano had a clear race track in his windshield and a pack of fellow Ford drivers on his bumper. That combination helped the Team Penske driver snap a nearly yearlong losing streak.

    Logano won Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway to snap a streak that dated to April 30 of last year. Logano’s car, however, failed post-race technical inspection, so the win didn’t count in terms of playoff eligibility and ultimately cost Logano a playoff spot.


    [b]DOVER 400 miles (FS1 channel for TV) … not sure if RAIN will be gone?


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