NAFTA Replaced With United States – Mexico Trade Agreement

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    Helmholtz Watson

    After months of negotiations the United States and…


    Helmholtz Watson

    USTR Lighthizer:

    US will give up demand for sunset clause in NAFTA
    Sunset clause will shift to a review process every six years that will not cause trade pact to expire
    NAFTA will have 16 year life span, to be extended for another 16 years after completion of each 6-year review
    Mexico agrees to eliminate Chapter 19 dispute resolution settlement

    Hopes Canada will sign on this week

    Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs on Mexico aren’t lifted
    Plan will not cap imports of light vehicles from Mexico

    Helmholtz Watson

    Appears to be a deal Mexico needed to get done sooner than later

    Helmholtz Watson

    Mexico’s foreign minister on new trade deal with US says:

    They have an agreement on the entire agenda of NAFTA with the US
    It is fundamental for Canada to be included but, nevertheless, if for some reason Canada and the US can’t reach an agreement, there will be a separate deal between Mexico and US
    We know that we have a deal with Canada via TPP


    The deal looks ominous for Canada – Mexico says they are set and most likely the U.S. will make a take it or leave deal – the bad blood since the G-7 getting deeper and deeper


    OOOOHHHHHH THE HUMANITY 😉 :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:


    US Treasury Mnuchin on CNBC

    I don’t anticipate a lot of problems with Canada on NAFTA

    Won’t speculate on issues with Canada-US
    Does not anticipate a lot of sticking points on trade talks with Canada
    Thinks could get a deal through Congress with only Mexico
    Expects a deal will wrap up this week
    This is the first major trade deal change
    There is a very strong currency chapter in NAFTA

    We need better market access to China, this can’t be a one-way transaction
    One of top issues we discussed with China was currency

    We’ve made progress since Juncker’s visit

    We’re working on WTO 2.0
    I meet with Powell weekly, we respect Fed independence
    I’m not at all concerned about the yield curve

    US is very much ready to do trade deal with UK, we have a lot of similarities that should allow us to do a quick deal


    Canadian ForMin Freeland Comments:
    US Showing Willingness To Compromise On Nafta
    Canada Is Looking For Compromises That Are “Win-Win” For All Sides


    Talks have been on going but latest headlines not positive for a deal USTR: NAFTA talks ongoing, Canada has made no concessions on agriculture Freeland is meeting with Lighthizer today.


    Trudeau says No NAFTA agreement is better than a BAD one.

    Helmholtz Watson

    Canada’s Freeland comments after unnamed senior Trump administration official via Reuters says believes can satisfy TPA requirement with Mexico-only deal. Says on pace to secure NAFTA deal that will be fully-compliant with US fast-track trade authority and U.S. intention remains to have Canada part of a three-way pact.


    For Canada the deadline is whenever there is a good deal
    Win-win-win agreement within reach
    Will only sign an agreement that’s good for Canadians
    Progress has been made, more needs to be done

    Repeats that won’t negotiate in public
    Says Lighthizer has been negotiating in good faith (A shot at Trump?)
    It’s going to take flexibility to get to a deal on all sides

    Steel and aluminum tariffs are outside of NAFTA
    We are very much opposed to these steel and aluminum tariffs. They’re absurd and illegal

    Helmholtz Watson

    After Trudeau on NAFTA today here is Trump

    We’ll see if North American trade deal is two or three countries
    New trade deal name will be a surprise
    Should know on Canada and trade talks over next 2-3 days
    We have done very well in negotiations with China on trade but we are not prepared to make the deal they want to make


    Latest Trump Talks on #NAFTA
    Trade talks going well. Canada wants to make a deal
    Both sides are operating in good faith
    It’s good if US makes trade deal with Canada, and ok if it doesn’t

    Helmholtz Watson

    US Trade Official via Bloomberg and Reuters

    Willing to advance only with Mexico, it’s up to Canada
    US sticking to its guns on dairy in NAFTA talks
    Still optimistic US and Canada can reach a deal

    Helmholtz Watson

    Trudeau speaking in NYC says sees a possibility to build on US-Mexico deal
    – Auto tariffs a ‘tool’ Trump could use
    – Canada’s goal is not to escalate fight with US

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